A photography friend once told me that personality is 90% of the job. I scoffed at the thought of it. Are you serious? How could a photojournalism degree and over a decade of professional experience only amount to 10% of my job? 

Then it sank in a little. I am, we agreed, a social animal. And that does translate into a reliable ability to make people comfortable around the camera. Which is a huge part of getting the right shot.

When I first started taking pictures at age 7, making people comfortable wasn’t really on the radar. Back then, it was all about photographing dolls against a yellow refrigerator with a Le Clic camera just to prove they belonged to me (and definitely not to either of my sisters). 

But by middle school and high school, my repertoire had expanded to class trips—and human subjects. And my pictures were getting printed in school papers. By the time I was in college (studying physical therapy), I was working for the school paper. 

At that point, the only thing left to do was switch majors, leave school and become a photojournalism student at Boston University.

Which is to say that Boston is where my career officially began. Within a year of making the move, I was shooting for the Boston Phoenix, and was hired as a full-time staffer in the editorial design department right after graduating. 

I shot anything and everything I could for the Phoenix. Bands, events, everything. 6 years later, I (nervously) jumped ship to start a freelance career. 

That was 13 years ago. Today, I’m a little older, a little wiser and just as passionate about photography. My clients include record labels, magazines, biotech companies, colleges, and brands like Reebok, UTurn Audio and Jade Yoga. 

I also volunteer my photo services at Girls Rock Campaign Boston, where I take band photos for all the kids. And I’ve learned that making them comfortable around the camera makes a pretty big difference.


MIT Sloan
Berklee College of Music
Design New England Magazine
Broad Institute
Collective Next
Poetry In America
Girls Rock Campaign Boston
The Weekly Dig
Timber Press
Stonehill College
Partners HealthCare
Sadhana Yoga Studio
The Boston Group
EMI Marketing Firm
Sub Pop Records
Jade Yoga
UTurn Audio
Boston University
Roadrunner Records
The Boston Phoenix
The OCD Foundation