The START of a new photo project for 2014

I've been contemplating another yearly project... like my old 365 in 2011. Another 365 project sounds big and daunting, and, well, too late. It's already the end of January. I could do a weekly thing, but I've already wasted 4 weeks. A monthly photo? hmm... but I take hundreds and sometimes thousands of photos in a what would I do specifically for this project?

I remember a mock up cover of a book I did last year for my friend Julie. We shot a bunch of photos for a book she was writing, and then I mocked up some covers so she understood why I was shooting her the way I was. I had designs in mind... 

 2 sample covers I did for my friend Julie after our shoot

2 sample covers I did for my friend Julie after our shoot

So, obviously I'm not going to shoot a real book every month in 2014. But... what if I designed a book cover every month with one of my photos from that month? A fake book. An idea of how my photo COULD be used. 

What would I call the project? Monthly Faux Reads? Twelve Books You Will Never Read? Zero Pages? Covert Covers? Imaginary Reads? 

Stay tuned tomorrow for my first fake cover.