My husband, the new face of Microsoft

It all started with this photo.


Actually, it all started with THIS photo. Matt and I traveled to Japan in April 2012 with my camera. Matt signed a model release for the photos of our awesome adventures and I submitted them to stock. I have been submitting to AbleImages for a few years now. And, well, I never thought about the photo much after that. 

Then, just this week Matt's friend Jed in London came across the electronic billboard (above) at the London Bridge station. COOL! 

THEN he saw Matt's face on a bunch of tables.


Some googling happened and we found out that Matt's face is the face of Microsoft in Australia. 


And just today... Jed finds a GIGANTIC billboard! 


How random. And how awesome. Matt has become the face of Microsoft overnight. I finally made some money through stock. While, I'm not gonna quit my editorial/commercial 'day job' to focus on stock, it's awesome to know that one can make a living from photography and that randomly a stock photo can be helpful.