Megadeth's Dave Ellefson

Steve Bailey jamming with Dave Ellefson.

Yesterday I photographed Berklee's Bass Department chair Steve Bailey interview Dave Ellefson in a clinic called "Shredding Like A Rock Star, on and off Stage."

Megadeth. I don't know them...except the riff used during MTV News in the 90s (Randy reminded me of that...I probably wouldn't have known). I grew up on REM. I grew up on Guns N Roses and NKOTB. I grew up on bad country and the Beatles. Led Zeppelin and the Spin Doctors. The closest I got to Megadeth was Poison... and that's probably an insult. But I don't really even know. 

So, yesterday I showed up for a clinic at Berklee to shoot .... without knowing who I was shooting. When I heard the word Megadeth I texted my husband "I'm about to photographed the shredder from Megadeth." What I didn't know is that implies a different man than Dave Ellefson. I guess that implies the other Dave from Megadeth, so when I sent over a pic I got a very disappointed reply.... Still cool ... just not AS cool as if I had photographed the other Dave. 


This Dave, Dave Ellefson, was pretty awesome. I always enjoy shooting at Berklee... it's like I'm getting snippets of a free education on various topics, like to how to be a rock star, how to be persistant, how to remain driven, how to go for it... recognize your passion, make it your craft, perfect it and DO it. It's pretty inspiring. 

Dave Ellefson jamming with Steve Bailey at Berklee.

Megadeth's Dave Ellefson talking about staying sober.

Dave Ellefson talking with Steve Bailey at the shredding clinic at Berklee.

Dave Ellefson

Berklee's Bass Department chair Steve Bailey.

Dave Ellefson talking to Berklee Students at David Friend Recital Hall.

Dave Ellefson and Steve Bailey

Dave Ellefson signing old 8x10 glossy prints of him on stage with Megadeth.

Dave Ellefson posing with a Berklee student after the shredding clinic.