Bill Banfield - Berklee

I'm going through my harddrives trying to pick out some new photos for my website... I think it's about time I updated it (especially now that I have a new logo... it's time for a tiny redesign!)

So, I'm looking through my most recent drive which is from November until now and doesn't have too much on it... I mean really, since then I've gotten married, went on a honeymoon to St. John, filmed a movie in Rhode Island for 10 days, ran a marathon at Walt Disney World (and stayed in Orlando for a week soaking up the sun and riding all the rides), and had an exhibit opening/ book release for Rock Parents (my ongoing portrait series of local rockers with their kids)..... so...I haven't actually had a lot of time to shoot lately.

But there are a few thing on this drive, and I'm looking through it and realized that I have also been neglecting posting the few shoots I have had...

Here are my favorites from a shoot I had with Bill Banfield ( near Berklee in early December. It was a fun shoot with good energy and awesome music!