BU Bridge

I met with the creative director at BU yesterday to show her my books and random clips so I could start freelancing for my alma mater. She told me to go shoot some features on Comm Ave and come back next week, so I spent the remaining 30 minutes of daylight on Comm Ave photographing skaters and bikers and then headed home, determined to get something interesting on a boring stretch of street that I have walked a million times as a BU student. It can be done!

Today, as I was about to head over to start shooting, I got a message from the CD and got an assignment to take an environmental portrait of a professor at the general studies school. Yay! It was a specific shot they were looking for... her surrounded by students racing by... showing her steady in the bustle of the school.

I can't share those photos yet, but here I took on my way to the shoot... on the BU bridge.

It all just brings back so many memories...even though I've lived in the area since I graduated, I don't often walk around there... just drive by.