Cambridge Detail

On a recent walk with Ms. Sasha Beans Davidson, I brought my camera and 50mm/1.4 lens. It's been a while since I've shot with it. Usually it's in the shop (years ago I think I purchased a lemon) and other times I just get annoyed at the scratchy sound of the focus ring. But, it's just a sound. It works on manual focus (minimally on auto).

For years I only had a 50mm. It's still the only lenses I have for 2 film cameras I still own (Canon AE-1 and the Nikon F100). Maybe I shot with it so much that I needed a break from it...but I might be back.... it's fun to use. Although, really, I'd sell it for a 35. I think I would like it just a little wider.

I think I'll keep shooting with the 50mm for now, on my walks with Sasha anyway. It's light. It's fun. And I want to keep shooting details of my neighborhood. It's beautiful and interesting.

Here are the results of the walk. Enjoy.

Full set here.