California is for me

I recently went on a very quick trip to Los Angeles. Jade Yoga hired me to shoot 2 ads for them out there, so I debated, did some math, emailed some friends, and then hopped on a plane. 2 nights in LA, why not.

I am extremely excited how the photos came out for Jade Yoga. (photos to come). In the meantime, here are some photos from the non-work part of my trip:

I took some time with this woman after the shoot. She was outside of the shop the entire time selling some trinkets and jewelry on a blanket. At the end of the day she packed up everything onto her bike and headed out. She said her name was Rasta Momma (and then went into a whole rap about it). She wanted to know if she could get a copy of the photos, but then talked herself out of giving me her PO Box.