3000 miles. 495 photos. 40 fruit snacks. 9 gigs. 8 days. 3 bands.

I wish I could really write what 'touring' is all about. ('Tour' being 1 week in a van with 6 boys and 5 other girls driving out to the midwest and back).

All the photos from the tour are here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/kellydavidson/sets/72157626641645112/with/5685388160/

I only mid-tour learned that the POINT of the tour was the Daytrotter session (which is just an awesome thing to learn).

So... the tour. Where to begin. (First, is it 'tour' or 'the tour'? I remember having this discussion with my friend Jenn from high school about it being 'prom' or 'the prom'.)

Anyway, this should probably occur in sections.

Maybe even the van can be broken down: van etiquette. van smells. van conversations. van seating. van radio.
Hmm, I'm sure there's more.

Is that its own topic? Or under Van? I can't be sure. Coffee on the road can be an entire chapter (if this became a chapter book. I would need to find an illustrator).

Quality Inn vs. Econolodge. (And then there was that one Quality Inn that obviously used to be an Econolodge.) Jizz. Bloody spots on pillows. Pillows that are obviously just a handful of cotton balls. Cat smells.

Some are cool. Some are skank. Most are at least more than a little gross. Especially the bathrooms. (But of course I have pooped in almost all of them. All except Iowa City because there was no light in the girls room, and Pittsburg because I didn't want to be murdered.)

The actual product we are performing and selling... Golden Bloom is totally growing on me. The last song of their set is incredible. Shawn's positive energy is infectious. (There is no way I could've been "Tour Dad" and have done all that driving and organizing and playing in 2 bands every night and still smiled, at all). Boby Bear told me once, "Personality is 90% of the game." Shawn has that.

This was the craziest and longest day of the tour. We were in Rock City, IL where both bands did a live recording session, and then we had to drive SO many hours (6? I forget) to Indianapolis to do the LaundroMatinee session at a random awesome spa. The Daytrotter studio was small and boring, although I didn't really know what to expect, I hadn't heard much about it before the tour.

It is awesome. Check out their site. Right now. Tricky covering XTC's Dear God is my favorite.

Anyway, the instruments they had in the studio (and all the people who run it) were awesome! I used a cool red Gibson for my bass parts. (A Gibson what, you ask? I have no idea) We did 3 songs, and Amylee almost killed me... it was so fast and the bass was gigantic and had a big metal thing that my forearm rubbed against. I survived, but barely.

Mike, the engineer was awesome, quiet, cute slight accent. We did 2 takes of each song and then Golden Bloom did their thing and we hung out in the lounge playing Sonic on Sega (which I learned I am no longer good at) and buying up all the tshirts and hoodies (I now am a walking advertisement for daytrotter.com)

Then it was the long long drive to the video session with LaundroMatinee.

Sadly, the day ended with Taco Bell.

Things I learned on this tour:
There is an "H" in Pittsburgh.
You can make a bowl out of a carrot and call it a 'vegtabowl.'
There are mega stores in the midwest that look like a Kohls that are called The Christian Store.
Boston is so small.
Chicago is awesome.
Earplugs are the greatest invention, ever.
Most boys have issues peeing in a toilet.
Sitting in someone else's pee is disgusting, but not life-ending.
Bring your own personal pillow.
Pittsburgh has fans, Cleveland too!
I love traveling, especially with friends and strangers with a common goal of music and fun!

Check out the bands I toured with:
The Michael J Epstein Memorial Library
Golden Bloom
Neutral Uke Hotel

Check out Daytrotter:
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