Boston Ballet's The Nutcracker

Last week I was asked by The Dig to shoot backstage at the Boston Ballet for their FOTOBOM section... and after only minimal hesitation, I said yes. And I'm glad I did....

Here is the article:

All of the images are on flickr... below is just a small edit. The experience was sad and beautiful and surreal and exhausting all at once.

I took ballet for a teeny tiny bit when I was really young, about 4 or 5 years old. I remember showing up late and having to go to the next class which was an older, advance class. And showing up with my hair down and getting reprimanded. I remember these negative aspects of the experience. I have no memory of ever actually doing ballet.

My fondest memory of ballet is of wearing a frilly pink tutu and twirling in some random parking lot over and over and over again, thinking I would wear a tutu everyday if I could, I thought it was so beautiful.