weekend in ct: day 1 (the highlights)

i was in redding, ct this weekend hanging out with my favorite girls...and their kids. it was the first time jess and jenn and everyone got to meet sasha. i introduced her to everyone, and after she had a hyper crazy night getting into everything, she relaxed and just played and enjoyed herself with the kids. sasha is GREAT with kids. i wasn't sure if she would be since i've only had her for 2 months and am not around kids up here in boston that often. but she was amazing, i am SO proud of her.

here is theo's approach in the front yard.

here is sasha, posing pretty for the camera from below the back deck. she is so happy in the country.

jess hanging out on the back deck with stephen feeding theo in the background.

upclose and personal with theo during dinnertime. notice sasha foraging in the background. she had the most human food she's ever had in her life that hour.... she learned quickly to stick near theo when it was feeding time!

jess' shoes which we had a minor debate about....i still think they are slippers.

jess and stephen... consoling him after a minor incident on the rooftop

here are 2 shots of sasha in the glow of brian's flashlight. she wouldn't stay still for the 2nd shot, but i kind of like it anyway.

a link to all the pics from the weekend are here: www.flickr.com