ej labb sans the free


i had a photo shoot with ej last night at my apartment... just random pics for her website and maybe some press. i think i've wanted to photograph her since i met her. but besides live shots (and her wedding) i haven't had a real shoot with her. so, finally, i have a pink backdrop, a free night, and plenty of beer.

we started shooting with the backdrop, like that shoot i had with djpj and dtjb (and melissa ferrick and natalia zuckerman). but i didn't want to do the same shoot as i've done... but i really couldn't decide on the style i wanted to photograph her, so i tried a bunch of different stuff, different lighting, different locations... here are some random pics from the shoot. they aren't very cohesive, but i kind of like that they are all so different and she can choose what style she wants to pick and build around that.

what a fun shoot. and it's helpful that's she's so damn photogenic!