ima = the present, now

two days ago my muse, my friend, my inspiration, my soul mate linda got 'ima' tattooed on her arm at redemption. it's perfect, beautiful ... and yes, similar to mine. we are going to make this image the cover of our next single for our song 'now' (for the side project Star Matters that we are both part of).

i got it tattooed on my right forearm in toronto ...years ago. i had driven up to toronto with my friend josie and met patti and rusty there to see a free outdoor REM concert. before leaving for boston, josie and i each got a tattoo. hers was kanji that meant 'musical composition' and mine was ima, meaning the present.

my tattoo is not perfect. it's actually not 'technically' drawn right... but it's there forever, reminding me of that amazing moment in my life, and reminding me to keep living in the present moment. it's so easy to forget to do that.

i can't find the photos from my tattooing journey (i have b&w prints somewhere in my apartment... they'll turn up eventually). these are the shots of linda getting hers. i would love to show the images side by side...but that might have to wait a little while.

i'm already working on my next tattoo... a tree with specific branches representing specific life lines. monique is working on the drawing. i am working on finding the perfect tattoo artist.