two shows ... one night ...

since i'm a freelancer i'm used to hopping from one end of town to the other, skipping from assignment to assignment, packing my days full of random people places and events.

yesterday was a little different, just sitting at home editing hundreds of photos from past shoots and trying to catch up on bills and the mess that my apartment has become. i didn't have an assignment until midnight so i got to meet jb for dinner and catch monique ortiz play solo at the lizard lounge at 8 and i still had plenty of time to hang out before the explosion played at the middle east (another live show for the phoenix)

i love when my nights are full of music. this is one of the reasons i became a photographer. it's the music and trying to capture each unique show with a unique photograph. i've been doing this for 10 years and i'll never tire of it.

monique ortiz at the lizard lounge june 8, 2006

the explosionat the middle east upstairs june 8, 2006