my cousin is the drummer in the band aria. i am impressed.

they played the webster underground club on sunday in hartford so dtjb and i went to show our support.

so, how did i feel being a club surrounded by 15 year olds? i don't think i've even been to an 'all ages' show in ages. i think living in boston i feel fairly young... i'm 28 (for a few more days anyway) and feel like i have so much time to get where i'm going in the world. and then i spend a few days with my teenage cousins and feel SO old. i say things that are 'so not cool' anymore and notice my wrinkles and realize i still listen to music that i loved in high school (how many years ago was high school?)

these kids are so talented at such a young age. it's so impressive and then again it's scary. what was i doing at 15? where would i be now if i put energy into passions back then?

anyway i took pictures at the show, treated the entire show as an assignment for the phoneix or something, since this is what i do in boston. and they were just as cool and pro on stage as any show i see in boston.

go aria!

aria's myspace page